Values in Action is committed to providing a viable and practical framework that allows individuals, groups, businesses and communities to realize their goals and objectives by understanding, acknowledging and practicing higher values in all areas of their lives.

Values in Action is devoted to the values that remain at the core of all human aspirations and do not change with time and place. Though often forgotten, industry captains and leaders everywhere are increasingly recognizing the importance of including a values perspective in decision making.

Using our proven Values in Action (ViA) Framework© and utilizing ViA Dynamic Tools that include a values diary, interactive theme workshops, case studies, projects, seminars and the Values Manager training, we help our clients realize their goals and objective more effectively and efficiently.

 Our Objectives

  • Promote awareness and facilitate the implementation of values in one and all
  • Lead in the pursuit of wealth generation based on the foundation of values
  • Guide in fulfilling wholesome growth desires through a values process
  • Partner in reinvesting in the community towards values awareness and implementation

Our Clients

  • Individuals: Coaching & Mentorship; Executive Awareness Programs;
  • Corporations: Government; Corporations; Non-profit; Communities;
  • Educational Institutions: Schools; Colleges; Youth & Value Parenting